Lisa Dodds

Lisa is the co-founder of 4th Base Cosmetics.

She spent 10 years successfully working for a major blue chip cosmetic surgery group. It was whilst she was there that she felt passionate about changing the face of cosmetics.

Why? Because she saw many stunning females taking drastic measures to undergo the surgeon’s knife when they really didn’t need to.

Lisa found that when applying the right make-up on their skin, their beauty transformed almost instantly. The challenge she faced was that the company was not investing in new products as they made their money through surgery.

She was struggling to help as many young women as she could. Hence she partnered with Marco Robinson, and began their quest to change the face of beauty by starting a chain of successful NAKED Beauty salons.

4th Base Cosmetics was then brought to vibrant life to complement the NAKED Beauty brand.

7 years ago Lisa could not keep the entrepreneur within herself any longer! She decided to start her own recruitment company serving the health sector. She employed a team and is now looking to expand her offices.