Changing the Face of Beauty

The NAKED Beauty salons were born out of a passion, and an understanding that every woman is beautiful both inside and out, that every woman deserves the same chance of achieving what they want in life.

This passion stems from the time when one of the co-founders, Lisa Dodds, worked in the cosmetic surgery for a major blue chip company for over 10 years.

Although she worked in the research and development of skincare and beauty products, it pained Lisa to see many beautiful women undergoing drastic and unnecessary cosmetic surgeries when she felt they didn't really need it.

“I saw so many beautiful young women going under the surgeon's knife and I wondered why.

I could see beauty in all of them. The only thing I could spot about them that let them down, if there was anything, was the make-up or their skin care”, exclaims Lisa.

The second passion comes from co-founder Marco Robinson who already has built his own Foundation, FEME (Female Entrepreneurs Made Easy); a foundation supporting female entrepreneurship and success.

4th Base Cosmetics Was Born Under the Already Successful NAKEDBeauty Salon Brand

Combining their passion ensures that 4th Base Cosmetics enhances women's natural beauty and for those who wish to join, to empower females everywhere to become successful.

“Although we are a young company, our combined experience of building successful businesses exceeds over 31 years with a wide range of products and services”, states co-founder and multimillionaire Marco Robinson.

4th Base Cosmetics was born out of a passion for female inner and outer beauty, and a strong desire to help other aspiring female entrepreneurs make remarkable first or second incomes.

The aim of the company is :

  • To sell products that meet the needs and wants of today's young, modern woman.
  • To help create 100,000 successful female entrepreneurs within our brand of beautiful and innovative cosmetics.

Both objectives will be met by investing time, energy and our money into sourcing cosmetics that are eco-friendly, new and proven to enhance the natural look of any young, modern woman.

Built On An Ethos Of Success
For Everyone Who Joins

Our aim is to provide the best range of beauty and skincare products so all of our customers look and feel the beautiful person that they are!

We love success, we are passionate about it. That's why we are building this company on ethos of ensuring that all who join the 4th Base Family get all the help and support they need to become successful in their own right.

Your Success Is Ultimately Our Success

Whether that means coaching for 4th Base Entrepreneurs or assisting people to display products in their salon, we want everyone to succeed and grow with us.

So we shall invest in the same passion, enthusiasm and resources to ensure that everyone who joins us get the best shot at becoming successful.

Before you decide to join our rapidly growing family of female entrepreneurs, why not meet the founders?